Jonathan Engle


Jonathan’s experience ranges across domestic and international business, hired by investors to get work done in their enterprises.

One recent project involved reviving a franchise in South America, establishing a leadership team, processes, and new partnerships.

Another involved leading partnerships between multiple celebrities’ charitable foundations and an impact investing fund’s investing capabilities, helping create new investment vehicles for all parties.

Ethan White


Ethan’s background is all about helping companies grow. Most recently he worked at Carta and helping redefine processes and metrics to increase customer retention. 

One recent project involved helping a customer onboarding team build a proactive approach to managing onboarding, and building out the process, documentation, and tech stack to facilitate that transformation.

Wayland the Smith

We believe in the power of a great name, and we wanted an exciting one that reflects our values. As history nerds, we enjoy Germanic and Nordic mythology.

Wayland’s main claim to fame is that he forged the armor Beowulf wore to slay the giant Grendel.

Why we chose Wayland in particular is that Wayland is not the hero, the main protagonist in the story. He creates the tools that the heroes use to save the day. 

In that same vein, we are not here to be the heroes of the story; we are here to help you be successful, and ensure you are equipped to go out and win the battles you have ahead of you in building an awesome business.

And that summarizes our paradigm: in any relationship, it works out best if all parties are striving for the same goal.

You are the hero of your story. We hope to craft the tools you use to be successful in your mission.


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