Ethan’s experience has focused on helping companies grow. Some recent projects include overhauling an education company’s sales strategy from a consumer-retail model to selling directly to schools increasing sales growth and product stickiness, redefining customer success processes and metrics at a B2B SaaS company to increase customer retention, and getting a medical device startup ready to sell and do business in East Africa through market research and product development.

Jonathan’s experience ranges from domestic and international business, often hired by investors to get work done in their enterprises. One recent project includes reviving a dead franchise in South America, leading to established leadership, processes, and new partnerships. Another involved leading partnerships between celebrity charitable foundations and an impact investing fund’s efforts leading to additional funds raised, more available investment tools, and a larger management fee to pay for fund operations.

Ancient Nordic Inspiration - Wayland the Smith

We believe in the power of a great name. We wanted to balance our values with something exciting. As history buffs, we greatly enjoy Nordic mythology. Anciently, Wayland was famed for smithing the weapons and armor used by Beowulf to fight many famous battles. 

We like Wayland’s role in ancient Nordic tales. He’s not the hero. He’s the one who makes the tools the heroes use. That’s our goal, to make you look good. We’re not successful by our own glory but the glory and success of those we serve. We think that’s how any great relationship should be, two parties working in tandem to accomplish a shared goal.

You are the hero of your own tale. We hope to smith the weapons and armor you need to conquer in the marketplace.

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