Free Trainings

The True MVP: Build, Measure, Learn

We throw around the term “MVP” without really understanding it. We teach the rigorous, systematic approach to knowing what is the minimum necessary effort to get to your network goal.

LIVE Business Diagnostic and Mastermind

Take our free business diagnostic live and analyze it with a group of business leaders like yourself. This fosters extra creativity and insight by learning from everyone else’s questions.

Establishing Learning Metrics

So many metrics in today’s business world are actually pretty useless. Get away from tracking numbers that don’t drive growth to true learning milestones for real progress.

Root Cause Analysis: Applying the 5 Whys

When we don’t address the root cause of a problem, it will inevitably come back. We teach you systematic problem solving techniques that will make solving those sticky problems easier than ever.

Build Appreciating Data Assets

Data gets better over time. This is something that companies can’t afford to get wrong. Learn to get it right early on without spending a fortune.

Setting Stage Appropriate Systems

Systems naturally evolve as a business matures, but it’s hard to know how much time, money, and effort to put behind your systems at each stage. Learn the frameworks that will help you assess your systems in light of your stage.

Take our free diagnostic

This free business assessment gives you a holistic overview of the health of your business systems and how they align with your goals. The document we send you is worth much more than your time invested (10 minutes max).

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